…. Her eyes had stories to tell from depths of the oceans to the peak of mountain tops yet she was lost in her longing to understand the mysteries and intrigues of life. She had filled her head with dreams but her mind craved exploration. She had a zeal to unravel the mysteries of the universe and a desire to explore the unknown. Her mind was full of unspoken questions about who she thought she was, and who she wants to be. She was lost in her longing to understand, eventually losing herself or who she thought she was.

Like every other night, the sky was alive with a million stars. The smell of the earth was strong as the wind played with her hair. The sky was alive, like water in the sunlight. She started losing herself to the wildflowers, to the ever changing trees. Her thoughts were jumbled, she was free physically but she felt like a prisoner of her mind. She had an inexplicable feeling of belonging as she sat there by herself away from where she had spent all her life – away from home into the unknown. She was no longer sure of the identity she had or the beliefs and practices she inherited from the society, she wanted to start all over again. She wanted to embark on this journey and learn who she was and who she could be. She wanted an opportunity to create a new perspective, new beliefs and wanted acceptance in return.

By casting aside that fictitious self like a garment she wore to appear before the world, She wanted to be freed of inessential labels and come into contact with more essential parts of herself. Because she was unsure of who she was, she allowed the influences of the people she spent her time with to shape her. And now she could not make sense of the things that were meant for her. She felt like the moon, terrified of the sky but completely in love with the way it held the stars.

She needed a catalyst to change things in her life and embark on a journey of self-discovery. She wanted to leave all her beliefs and certainties back home, to experience the joy of traveling and seeing everything she thought she knew in a different light, from a crooked angle. She wanted to travel in search of both self and anonymity. She wanted to live without a past or future and leave her life open to interpretation.

The question was recurring, she craved for an identity as well as independence in her small world and she believed traveling to be the answer. She knew traveling will expose her to new ideas and help her build a perspective of her own, it will give her an opportunity to hear to her own inner voice, where she can ignore impositions and expectations and it will give her a shot at discovering what really matters to her. She wanted TRAVEL to be her OWN story, she wanted to own each and every moment, cherish them and experience life in all its hues.

And the decision was already made, Up in the mountains, on her way to unknown things, inhaling the stars above as she smiled and prepared herself to forget the world she left behind for now and maybe forever…

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You are the most beautiful soul I have ever met…loved your blog and the way you express your inner craves 😍 way to go gurl…🙂

The sparkling soul has found her right path to shine brighter. She has become an inspiring one for all…your love for travel will now inspire others to fetch their inner you❤️❤️

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