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About Her


Her Soul Sparkles

Her Soul Sparkles is a unique travel and lifestyle blog designed to share experiences of adventure and personal growth which started with travelling and led to this journey where embracing each moment became a habit. Travelling helped me to evolve as a person, embracing both my happy and sad days in one shared adventure of eye-opening beauty. Stay tuned for travel tips and tricks, photographs, music, paintings, motivational talks, and information on spirituality, all packed into one website designed to spread positivity.

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Her Soul Sparkles

Travel is about escaping from your day-to-day life to see the wonders of the real world. Adventure is about experiencing new cultures, gazing upon fresh sights, and opening your soul to limitless growth. Her Soul Sparkles is here to guide you on this journey! Here at Her Soul Sparkles, Join Her on this journey where every day is a new adventure and every new city if a bookmark in her book of life. 

Travel is far more than flights and roads, it is the process of flowing along the path of life. Her Soul Sparkles is here to point you in the right direction.

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Born and raised within an ordinary middle-income Indian family. As a child, when she was barely one year old, her parents took her to her first pilgrimage in Jammu and Kashmir, the first of many such trips which eventually made travel an essential part of her life.

After graduating as a software engineer, she moved to Southern India and got her first job in 2013, travel became her escape. Without it, she was constantly left restless and anxious. Within four years, she left India for the first time to secure a job in Ireland, which is what sparked her thirst for solo adventuring.

In 2018, she moved to the United States and have been here ever since, so far ticking more than twelve different states off her list. In the past three years alone, her feet have walked across ten different countries and is so proud to see how the time has shaped her. Besides travelling, her life changed after she entered my spiritual awakening journey and has been inspiring people with her journey.

By day she is a Data Analyst at a Financial firm, which involves visualizing data into meaningful representations. Having a full-time job helps her fund her travels and explore the world.
Follow her on this journey to ‘Never say Never Land’ where the least expected things can always happen in the most beautiful ways!

Mrinalini Mishra

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