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When Solitude gave her Wings!

… It had been awhile since she had last smiled, her once sparkling eyes had become dull that echoed the ebbing of her vitality. Once surrounded by friends and family, she chose to be on her own.


Deep inside, she knew hiding from herself wouldn’t heal her, and it was time for her to unleash the demon that resided within her. The demon that hid beneath that fake smile, who controlled her mind, and made her world shiver with fright, was becoming bigger and stronger with every passing day, had to be freed.

Often she would dream of destroying the demon. She would dream of a shining star that resembled everything that would set her soul on fire. Her mind was no longer closed, her thoughts tired of being caged and hostile, wanted to be released. The time she spent destroying the powerful demons in her dreams, gave her the courage to fight them in reality. She wanted to overcome the nightmares with her dreams. She wanted to shine brighter than the stars and she was powerfully mad enough to do it.


She knew to win over the demon, she needed to know herself, love herself and rid her life of old hurts and needs. And to love herself she started questioning everything that would make her compromise her own happiness. She needed to shed the bitter long lasting resentment and accept her flaws beautifully. And with each passing day,Not only did she start acknowledging her flaws, but she knew there was room to change and develop. She replaced her nightmares with dreams, and dreams into reality. She now had wings, and her thoughts were ready to take a flight in the free air and enjoy the long lost freedom. And the demon? Was to be found no where near her.

And today when she looks back at all the pain, she went through, she remembers nothing but transformation. She embraced her pain and burnt it as fuel for her journey and was proud of what she became.

“To transcend pain, you must first experience it.” – The monk who sold his Ferrari

Not only did she experience pain, she celebrated pain and learnt from her experiences gladly. And from that day, she has mastered, not only her mind but her destiny as well.